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Elizabeth Lang was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada at a very young age. Most of her family still lives in Toronto though her home base is now Regina, SK.

Elizabeth's love affair with the written word began early, mainly in the areas of science fiction, fantasy and mystery, hence her interest in writing in all those genres. Eventually. She also dabbles in a bit of poetry, but just enough to get her toes wet, and managed to write a sci-fi/romance novel, though she swears she has no idea how that happened.

Spending her most of her professional life in the IT industry, working as a software developer in the insurance industry, has influenced her writing a great deal. She hates stories that don't have any logical sense, at least within their own context, and it has made her detail oriented, with a particular love for how all the pieces fit together.

She bblakes7logoegan writing fiction as a reaction to an old British sci-fi series, Blakes 7 that a friend convinced her to watch. This was more than 30 years after the series ended. Yes, she's one of those. A fan-fiction writer.

Upon reaching the end of the last season, she was shocked to discover that all of the characters had been summarily executed by the Federation, i.e. the writers and producers of the show. Deciding that this was a highly unsatisfactory ending (along with the entire fanbase), she decided to write her own continuation of the story, where her favourite characters (which did not include the titular character) survived, and quite logically.

Once she started, she couldn't stop, especially since some of her readers were treating these stories as seasons 5, 6 and 7, continuations of the original series. So, after 20 novel-sized stories, as well as numerous short stories, and under the encouragement of her readers, who wanted to see her OCs (Other Characters) in their own stories, she decided to branch out into original fiction, which is the Empire Series, of which 3 books (of a 4 book series) is currently published by a small press in the UK, IFWG Publishing, with the last one slated for 2017.

Elizabeth Lang considers herself lucky as an author, first, catching the eye of a fellow writer who introduced her to IFWG Publishing, and finding a publisher who loves your work, and believes in it, is a beautiful thing.

Thank you, IFWG and Gerry Huntman.

She was also very lucky to be a finalist in the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for her first book, The Empire.

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