So here goes. My first official blog post for this site. So what do I write about? Something about my journey, what inspires me, what interests me… Then there’s this niggling little voice at the back of my mindspace that says…what if I’m a boring person? That little voice isn’t getting any quote marks from me.

And Sester, don’t you dare say anything. Or there will be volcanoes in your next story.

Might as well get that out in the open. For normal people, whatever definition they want to give it these days, hearing voices in your head usually is a sign of a mental disorder, or the imbibing of chemical stimulants. But for a writer, it’s business as usual. In fact, most writers swear that you only know if you’ve created a good character if they take on lives of their own. And have full conversations in your head. Or have knock-down, drag-out fights. Or try to dictate the plot.

Or build summer houses.


I will keep these blog postings open to everyone, but on the Exclusive Excerpts page, I will be sharing snippets from works in progress so that those who are interested (and SUBSCRIBE) can join in the fun. Who knows, maybe we’ll have another ‘The Martian’ on our hands. Though none of my stories are set on any red planets.

That you know of.

Lava. Lots of Lava.

Is that enough for a first post? It’ll have to be because I’m going to bed. Eeks. 4:45am. Setting this to autopost. Gotta go.




p.s. For those who’ve read any of the Empire novels, Charles Sester is a psychostrategist, which means he’s far smarter than he thinks he is, and his speciality is giving people headaches, or taking over the universe. Though he swears he only wants the galaxy. It’s too much work for a whole universe.