Empire Series

The Empire

Adrian Stannis, a disgraced scientist is caught between an increasingly tyrannical Empire, and invaders from Andromeda who are bent on destroying all life in our galaxy. He has also been assigned a consort, Kali, a genetically matched mate who is telepathic. He's not sure which is worse.

Plus, he harbours a secret that may very well end his life. Faster.

Can anyone save him? Or will he be sacrificed for the greater good?

The Rebels

Adrian, Kali and Bryce have escaped the shackles of the Empire and think themselves safe on a remote farming planet where Bryce dreams of starting up his own business.

Unfortunately, pastures green are not in store for our fugitives and they soon find themselves embroiled with rebels, bounty hunters, not to mention Empire hunter squads.

The Andromedans

When Adrian disappears, Kali and Bryce are frantic to find him and Kali makes a decision that she has avoided all her life. Her life will never be the same again.

As for Adrian, life has gotten a lot more complicated when he loses that which he values the most.

Character Follies

A pure romp which follows the Empire characters on a series of misadventures outside of their universe, and sometimes, into the world of the author.