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"The Empire" Review

Review Date:  March 25, 2013

"The Empire is a great Science Fiction read. I have to say that I normally do not read sci-fi books but this one grabbed me and I really enjoyed it. The world structure and the world was a great one that I could easily envision. In The Empire we meet Adrian and Kali. The world is ending as they know it because of an alien invasion and Adrian and Kali go hide out on a research ship. Adrian being a scientist the government wants him to finish a project that they feel will help them against the aliens but Adrian refuses and hides out with Kali. But someone discovers what Adrian has done and they report him and the government wants him.

Can the government make Adrian finish the project? What will make Adrian beg for his life? Can they break Adrian without breaking his spirit? Is he more man than machine? Can he and Kali be together? What will t take for the government to leave him alone? There is so much action in this book and what happens will blow your mind. This is a great read that really took me by surprise. Like I said I have not really read many sci-fi books but this one is going to be a series I follow."


"The Rebels" Review

Review Date:  March 17, 2013

"I have to say that this review was a little hard to do. I hate putting in spoilers so I kept having to erase what i wrote. So I will first start by saying that I normally don't read Science Fiction. With that said the minute I picked up The Empire I was hooked. I have never ever read a story where I could see myself in another time and place. I really enjoyed the world that Elizabeth has created. Can you imagine people wanting to hunt you down for something you possess that they want? You really don't understand it at first but as time goes on and you see what they are willing to do to you to get what they want you become determined to keep everyone around you safe and sound. But how do you do that without anyone getting hurt or even getting hurt yourself?

Adrian is running for his life as well as the ones he loves. He knows that he is being sought after for his mind. They want his mind and they will stop at nothing to get it. But Adrian wants to keep everyone he loves safe and he wants to keep his mind in tact so what can he do? He decides to run because running seems to be the quickest and safest way to deal with these people. Only he does not realize he has a hunter on his tail and that hunter will stop at nothing to get him back to where he belongs.

Adrian finally realizes that laying low was a mistake because the hunter was able to track him and has captured him and now what is he supposed to do? Where will they take him? Will they hurt him or kill him? Will he ever see his family again? This is a story about surviving against all odds and it is incredible how much Adrian goes through and decides that he will have hope and trust that at the end of the day he will survive this bump in the road."

"The Empire"

Review Date: November 8, 2012

Canadian Elizabeth Lang is new to me as an author, and she was a fabulous surprise. Full of tremendous promise, her plot in The Empire – book one in her Empire trilogy – is extremely well-developed and intricate in its evolution. The Empire covers one major storyline complicated by several side stories. These little feeder branches to the main trunk of the tree embroil the supporting cast of characters in their own dramatic machinations. This gives the book an epic quality much like Angela White's Life After War, another series I'm in the midst of reviewing.

Though there's a light sprinkle here and there of action, this book's appeal and Ms. Lang's forte lies in her imagination and strong ability to ply her characters to the printed page without losing any of their vivid, lifelike qualities. Her characters are real people, or so they seem. And no two are alike. They're interesting, some are offbeat, tormented and most of all, every one of them is well-drawn and complex. You'll either love them or hate them with intense emotion, while others will perplex you to the point of instilling in you a desire to bang them over the head for being so close-lipped and/or confounding, usually both.

Leading this list of perplexing characters is Senior Psychostrategist Charles Sester from the Psychostrategist Guild, who is never what he seems until the very end of the book. It's his job to “shake his [Adrian's] confidence, to keep him off balance and to twist him on a mental level,” all to achieve Adrian's cooperation in the design of neutron wave machine, a weapon capable of destroying entire planets.

Initially, Adrian's personality is that of a boring, colorless automaton, while everyone surrounding him is shot through with color. It takes you a bit to see him for who and what he really is and why he appears to be what he is on the surface. The horror of what's been done to him throughout most of his life, all to put his brilliant mind to work for The Empire, is sickening. But Adrian is much more than the cooperative automaton into which The Empire has tried to mold him. Adrian's courage and strength will touch your heart, humble you, and earn much more than merely your respect. A man of peace, he's one hero you will never forget.

With her Tellar psi abilities, Kali sees Adrian's true qualities early on. Although she cannot read minds, she can read emotions and project her thoughts into Adrian's mind. She's both his support and a humanizing factor in his life, along with his PA (aide) former thief and weapon's specialist, Bryce, who adds a welcome touch of levity to the story.

As a first book, Ms. Lang's world-building is adequate, but occasionally, the psychological aspects get a bit thick to wade through. I would've liked more background as well on how The Empire came about and in what time-frame. The futuristic date in which this story is told is never given. Yet, this is an impressive series beginning. I look forward to reviewing books 2 and 3 in the trilogy, The Rebels, which is out now, and The Andromedans, which is scheduled for release in March 2013.